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Creating Real Value in Property and Places

Swarna Bhoomi Housing is established by Professional in the Real Estate Industry. The Directors of Swarna Bhoomi Housing  Mr Vanga Seshaiah, Mr J Rama Krishna, Mr J Bava Raju  and Mr K Uma Maheswra Rao with their vast experience and good track record in various ventures, promoted Swarna Bhoomi Housing with an objective to offer best investment and Housing and Commercial Solutions to the Clients at a very moderate affordable price and with amenities.

Swarna Bhoomi Housing is a residential and Commercial layout development firm, We are one of the fastest growing property developers in our region. We are offering  well developed layouts to the Clients. All the properties are located at primary locations  and are ideal for investment.  We offer sites ( plots) for sale with basic amenities, clear title, approvals from Government and local authorities.


While there are many reasons for our success, they all revolve round a few key factors that are as follows

Global Standards with Indian Tradition
D.T.C.P layout
BT Roads 
10% open space
Every customer names have ownership boards
L walls
Drainage lines
Avenue plantation
Front compound wall
Secured main doors
100% vaastu
Spot registration
The customers who get loans are eligible for loan facility help.

We have an unwavering commitment towards our ventures. in order to this we build trust, relationships and peace of mind. we are both knowledgeable and passionate about every aspect of what we do.
Quality of Service:
One step inside our home Swarna Bhoomi Housing gives you a lasting impression of quality of service. Every venture we undertake goes through a series of quality inspections by our Project Management Consultancies until it is finally given the stamp of approval.
Timely Completion:
Meeting deadlines is our challenge which we take on willingly. That is how we exactly give our major commitment to complete every one of our projects on schedule.

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